External Tyre Repair Solution by strings

EZ Seal

The EZ SEAL tyre repair solution is exclusively available for punctures on the tyre thread. EZ SEAL products are produced by experienced manufacturers.

The repair using EZ SEAL string is designed for punctures made by nails or screws. The object that caused the puncture must still be in place at the time of repair and the tyre must not have been driven on when flat. The EZ SEAL string is inserted into the puncture channel and it seals the damage instantly. It is not necessary to remove the wheel from the car and this repair can be performed anywhere. This repair is made by professionals as a quick repair.

Some country regulations recommend checking the repair from the internal side of the tyre in a garage afterwards.
The EZ SEAL string range is made as self-vulcanizing products: No vulcanizing chemical product is required during the repair process. The EZ SEAL string is made up of strands of tyre cord fibres that are impregnated, strand by strand, with rubber, vulcanizing agents and accelerators. The EZ SEAL self-vulcanizing strings have been tested as safe and reliable by independent testing laboratories.